When Customers Experience Your Best

You experience an exponential lift in incremental revenue, customer retention, and satisfaction scores.

Drive Brand Loyalty by Exposing Customers to New Technology

The cost of acquiring new customers is five-times more expensive than preserving your existing customer base. The vast majority of dealers overlook one of the most profitable opportunities to drive brand loyalty while generating ancillary revenue: implementing a car rental program.

Every dealer has some form of a loaner car system, but for lengthy services and repairs, the car owner typically heads to a rental car business. A temporary car (whether it’s a loaner or rental) is very influential on a consumer’s future buying decisions. If dealers do not take advantage of the opportunity to expose customers to the brand’s newest technology or class of vehicles, they face higher risk of customer defection.
Imagine how different the scenario would be if the dealer rented a brand-new, higher-technology crossover to the customer directly. Not only is the dealer making incremental revenue on the transaction, they are delivering a convenient opportunity for the customer to experience one of their latest and greatest models, without setting foot in another brand vehicle.

Industry Impact

FPG has helped over 1,000 automotive dealerships implement their own car rental program, resulting in billions of incremental revenue dollars. Our operational expertise and proven system of best practices, proprietary software, and on-going training enables dealerships to generate exponential revenue growth, enhance the customer experience, and increase brand loyalty.

What is Your Frontline Revenue Potential?

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