Service-Based Sales Training

Transform your front desk team into service-minded sales professionals, so guests feel served, not sold.

Service Is Good Business

When the customer-centric approach of service-based sales is embraced, it can revolutionize staff performance, enrich the guest experience, and bolster a hotel’s bottom line; when sales is viewed as something positive that can be done for guests, not to them, it aligns with the elements of good hospitality.

Team Performance
  • Learn fundamental skills linking service and sales
  • Drive engagement by incentivizing your team
  • Measure progress toward individual and team goals
  • Reduce turnover with an inspired team
Guest Experience
  • Understand the wants and needs of your guest
  • Enhance the guest’s stay by offering premium accommodations
  • Drive guest satisfaction and loyalty
  • Educate guests on the best your property has to offer
Bottom Line
  • Drive revenue through the frontline
  • Reduce dissatisfied guests with world-class service recovery
  • Spur the sale of under-utilized or under-performing premium rooms
  • Generate ‘found’ revenue

From Order-Takers to Superstars

Transform your team into self-assured sales professionals with new skills that impact the guest experience.

Effective Coaching
World-Class Paid Upgrade Scripts
Put It Into Practice
Maximize Your Impact

Wrote the Book on Service-Based Sales

Founder of FPG, Ziad Khoury, has helped clients in the hospitality industry dramatically improve their profits for more than two decades. He has imparted his years of knowledge into his best-selling book, Frontline Profit Machine. In this book, you will learn how improvements to your frontline can lead to significant improvements to your bottom line.

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What is Your Frontline Revenue Potential?

Use our incremental revenue calculator to see how much extra revenue you can earn while using the IN-Gauge platform.

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