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Looking to be a Better Change Leader?

December 8, 2015

Ask any number of truly successful leaders of today and they will tell you, their success does not come from marking time. They are always in motion – thinking, doing, and leading change for their organizations, their teams, and themselves. At the forefront of a successful business leader’s efforts are their company’s vision and acute awareness of how their actions affect that vision.

If you are looking to improve your change leadership skills, perhaps it’s time to get your act together!

Begin by making a regular habit of assessing your own act(ions); take a close look at a day/week/month in your life of you!  Make a list of specific actions you have taken that support the vision. Then, bring it into focus – analyze your list to determine:

  • What gaps are evident?
  • What actions have I taken (will I take) to close those gaps?
  • What areas warrant more focus?
  • Who can I turn to?  – What actions do I perform/oversee regularly can be delegated and to whom can they be assigned?
  • Which actions prove strongest in moving our vision forward?
  • Where is the proof that these actions have impact?
  • What benefits (or setbacks) have been (will be) realized as a result of these actions?
  • How will I hold myself accountable?

Be agile, use this exercise to stay ahead of the flow – adapt the plans and strategies that keep you and your team moving toward the vision.