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We developed the gold standard software platform dedicated to maximizing revenue and service at the frontline. IN-Gauge is your end-to-end solution for driving continuous revenue, employee engagement, and top-tier service at your frontline.

Don’t Leave Revenue on the Table.

Thousands of organizations trust FPG to optimize performance and increase revenue.

Forecast revenue, measure performance, and drive results to your bottomline.

FPG has developed a powerful, proprietary software platform, enabling our partners in the travel industry to achieve their financial and service goals. IN-Gauge utilizes data collected from key frontline systems such as Property Management Systems (PMS) and Point of Sale systems (POS) to focus action on the true KPIs that power performance. The system provides the client with actionable and relevant information, all from a highly intuitive user interface on both computers and mobile devices.

What is Your Frontline Revenue Potential?

Use our incremental revenue calculator to see how much extra revenue you can earn while using the IN-Gauge platform.

You could be leaving
$ – $
on the table annually.

The IN-Gauge Technology

How It Works

Gain Knowledge
  • Instructor-led team training on launch
  • Foundational champion certification courses and on-going champion coaching
  • Access to hundreds of videos and courses
Take Action
  • Forecast monthly revenue
  • Cast individual goals to each frontline associate
  • Set a daily game plan based on actionable insights
Achieve Results
  • Monitor progress toward revenue forecast
  • Audit sales transactions
  • Identify top-selling products

Join Thousands of Hotels Generating Millions in Frontline Revenue

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