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Driving Corporate Business via Dealership Rental Programs

March 10, 2017

Auto dealers dipping a toe into the rental car game are frequently on the lookout for new revenue streams and ways to keep the fleet burning gas. Your rental division has a presence among your dealership customers, insurance replacement partners, and weekend travelers. But repeat renters are who make those monthly lease payments. Many dealers overlook a high-margin, easily maintained segment of the car rental industry when marketing their rental division – the Corporate Account.

B2B marketing targets small, medium, and large companies that rent vehicles for business purposes with regularity. Many car rental agencies offer robust corporate programs, tailored to fit the client based on need and volume. Even at the dealership level, it has great benefits:

  • Consistent Rental Rates – Retail rates fluctuate seasonally based on demand, but having a set rate offers consistency to your client AND you!
  • Universal Needs –  Nearly every industry has a need for vehicles. Good targets are companies with a traveling sales force, government travelers, and contractors needing specialty vehicles for overflow.
  • Longer Length-of-Rental – Company renters boost utilization by renting for longer periods of time. Longer rentals = less man-power required to keep that vehicle on rent!
  • Less Risk – Statistically fewer accident claims with corporate rentals, and many company credit cards offer Collision Damage Waiver to protect customers paying with that card at no additional cost!

So how do you capture it? Many local Chambers of Commerce offer lead-share and networking groups. You can also add links to create a corporate account to your website, social media, and email campaigns. 

On a grassroots level, train your Rental Reps, Cashiers, BDC, and Service Advisors to ask EVERY customer if they need to rent for business purposes and if there’s someone you can speak with about setting them up. Create spiffs for quality leads and new revenue generated. 

Educate customers as to why your dealership can meet ALL their travel needs:

  • Your FLEET!  Late-model, low mileage, CLEAN rental vehicles.  Many sizes to choose from –  entertain clients in a luxury vehicle, an SUV for long road trips, or Utility vehicles to make deliveries during!  
  • Customized Rates to fit a company’s needs. Unlimited mileage, discounts based on volume, specialty vehicles and more!
  • Direct Billing for the renter’s convenience. Arrange payment ahead of time so the customer can grab keys, sign and GO!

A corporate program can be a valuable tool to drive profits within your rental program. Train your team to get the word out today! Good selling!