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FPG Acquires Drake Beil & Associates

July 31, 2017

Combined Company to Pursue $7.7 Billion Global Paid Upgrade Market Opportunity

Incremental revenue consulting firm Frontline Performance Group (FPG) today announced its acquisition of Drake Beil & Associates LLC, expanding the company’s global footprint to over 500 properties across dozens of countries. The acquisition represents a significant opportunity to advance FPG’s continued growth and strategic focus within the hospitality space.

The number of hotel rooms worldwide totals 16.3 million, sans bed and breakfasts. When modeled into the paid upgrade data from both FPG and DB&A, the opportunity within rooms alone is over $7.7 billion annually, before factoring in other areas of hotelier operations like events, F&B, or spa. 

“We admire and value the long-standing success of DB&A and the strong relationships they have cultivated within the hospitality industry,” said Geoffrey Toffetti, President and Chief Marketing Officer of Frontline Performance Group. “DB&A clients can expect the same great service they have always experienced, only now they also have access to a new suite of world-class services, technology, and support from the entire FPG team.”

The timing of this acquisition coincides with the recent launch of FPG’s revenue optimization application, IN-Gauge, designed to generate revenue while improving associate engagement and customer service. With real-time data from property management systems and predictive analytics, frontline agents and managers use IN-Gauge to improve employee performance and conversion rates. Hospitality executives use it to unlock hidden profits and discover the full profit potential of their property or their entire portfolio.

“This union allows us to combine the best of our collective coaching and training models to become the most comprehensive, advanced revenue generation and employee engagement firm in the world,” said Drake Beil, Founder of Drake Beil & Associates. “We are honored to be part of the team and thrilled to integrate FPG’s proven best practices along with their groundbreaking new technology, IN-Gauge, to our valued clients.”

About Drake Beil and Associates, LLC

Drake Beil and Associates, LLC is one of the premier “Upgrade” consulting firms in the world, serving hundreds of properties in over 30 countries. Based in Honolulu since 1980, DB&A customizes “Service Excellence Upgrade Programs” for hotels and resorts primarily within Rooms; but also for Spa, F&B, Golf, and Retail revenue channels.