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The Guest Proposal | Frontline Performance Group

May 30, 2019

A heartwarming story of turning a request into a recommendation, resulting in a magical guest experience.

Building Relationships

A little background to this story. I met Jennifer, a front desk agent, on Tuesday 5/14/19. This was my second day of delivery on this property. I was having a hard time getting her to open up until I asked her where she was from and mentioned how my family was also from Europe. We started chatting away. However, once her shift was over, she was off until Friday. By the time Friday came around, we were back to square one; she was very quiet and seemed busy. She was catching up on paperwork or tasks she missed over the last few days.

Then a guest, who was very nervous and shaking, approached Jennifer at the front desk. He asked if he could buy a bottle of champagne to be delivered to his room and mentioned that he was proposing that night. After a few moments, while Jennifer was setting up his request, the guest asked if there were any upgrades with a nice view or balcony that he could propose.

At this point, I stepped in. Just 15 minutes earlier I had a conversation with Jennifer and another agent about offering our premium suites. I also shared my LOVE for this room and all the great features and benefits.  Before offering the room, we had to double-check availability and pricing. On the way back up to the desk I spoke with Jennifer and asked if she would like me to do a demonstration for her and offer the upgrade. She said yes and was very excited to watch.

Coaching – It’s Demo Time!

With LOTS of enthusiasm, I spoke about the best room for his special occasion. I followed all steps of the three mechanics of the sale and made sure to mention the balcony with an outstanding view, along with the large soaking tub that overlooks the harbor. I also offered to provide some bath bombs from the spa for them to enjoy a relaxing evening—a nice added touch.

The guest was interested and asked, “how much?” We said since it’s such a special occasion we could offer that room with the balcony + great view + amazing tub for an additional $750 per night (x 3 nights). It was later in the day with only 20 check-ins left, so this was truly a great price.  He thought about it for a few moments. To him, it was such a large price difference from what he was already paying, but he said “You know what? Let’s do it! I only am going to propose once!”

Gaining Buy-In

Jennifer was SHOCKED by what just happened and how easy and natural it sounded, especially since I had only been there a few days. I told her that it takes a lot of practice and it is a skill that can be used anywhere. Confidence is key! She began writing down everything I had said to the guest and she said, “This is GOOD stuff!”

When I finished my day, the managers recommended I attend an event happening at the property’s marina, so I could help the agents discuss it with guests. As I walked over to the marina, I heard a bunch of clapping and cheering. The guest had just proposed, and she said YES! Someone in the crowd knew of the proposal and told the DJ, who was set up right under their balcony. The DJ stopped the music so everyone could hear him, and they all cheered when she said yes.

I took some photos and had to run back and show Jennifer what magic we were able to create. She was so excited, it gave her goosebumps.

This is what it’s all about!

In partnering with the director of revenue, it was found that this room has been occupied up to 90% of the time complimentary prior to FPG being onsite. We are now keeping open availability of this room for paid upgrades.

At FPG, we train frontline agents to create handcrafted recommendations for each and every guest. The result is maximizing their experience while growing incremental revenue for the property and adding meaningful commission on the agent’s paycheck.