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Pure Wellness and Frontline Performance Group partner to deliver premium wellness room experience to hospitality guests | Frontline Performance Group

February 24, 2021

Pure Wellness, a leading wellness solutions provider in hospitality has entered into a strategic partnership with Frontline Performance Group (FPG), a global leader in transforming hotel customer service operations to drive enhanced guest experience and improved stay economics. As part of this partnership, FPG will position “Pure Rooms” to their hotel clients as the guest room of choice to answer the needs of the wellness-minded traveler.

“At the forefront of FPG is an unwavering focus to enhance the guest experience by improving frontline performance, engagement and customer service,” said FPG President & COO Paul McLoughlin. “The opportunity to elevate guest wellness and comfort fits seamlessly in line with FPG’s purpose; this partnership with Pure Wellness enables both brands and our hotel partners to deliver an even greater experience, while advancing our mutual goal of driving guest service, satisfaction and loyalty.”

FPG transforms front desk operations into profit centers for leading hospitality, car rental and automotive brands worldwide by elevating the performance of their grontline agents, while enhancing customer satisfaction. For over 25 years, FPG has generated billions in incremental revenue for our clients through a proven system of customized consulting, groundbreaking technology, one-on-one coaching, and proprietary training. The end result is higher earnings, increased enterprise valuations, and an enhanced experience on both sides of the front desk—with engaged agents and happy customers.

Pure Wellness’ CEO Balaji Krishnamurthy states that, “FPG is the global industry leader in delivering guest-centric customer service operations to hotels and several other industry verticals. Pure is focused on answering the needs of the wellness-minded traveler. Both of our companies have a relentless focus on enhanced guest experiences that enable hotel partners to really differentiate their offerings. We are proud to partner with FPG to deliver Pure Room wellness experience to hotel guests leveraging FPG’s world class technology and proprietary premium upsell methodologies.”

Pure Wellness, a wellness innovator, is focusing its efforts on creating the best possible wellness experience for their guests. Pure Rooms provide a premium wellness experience to guests around the world at hotels, resorts, office buildings and cruise ships. Because Pure Rooms are designed to the specific needs of wellness-minded travelers, it’s an especially attractive amenity for hotels. With over 6.5 million stay nights and counting, being present and active within 200+ hotels, and being trusted by more than 30 major hotel brands, Pure Wellness mission is to help people become their best.