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Synergetic Diversity – Pooling Differences to Maximize Results | Frontline Performance Group

December 8, 2015

As it is with many firms, ours is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds with exceptional talents. We have a singular goal, which is to guide organizations to creating and sustaining profitable service-based sales cultures. However, as we grow our practice in types of industries, a number of clients and staff so grows our diversities. In fact, one of the few constants in our organization is a principle practice model we call the KPE (Khoury Performance Equation); it is our business blueprint designed to optimize sales and service performance through three primary areas of actionable focus:

  •  Creating The Right Environment
  • Ensuring The Right Personnel Fit
  • Executing The Right Action

A few years ago, I embarked on a mission to aid our team in developing more synergy in the area of application of that blueprint. The mantra for this initiative … Synergetic Diversity.  This tenet, Synergetic Diversity, can be defined as being a system of “pooling” differences (i.e. cultures, economies, industries, experiences, etc) to act as a whole toward one common goal. When well-practiced, it creates cohesive movement – it becomes a structured yet fluid dance.

Regardless of your industry, products, staff experiences, or customer base, a synergistic approach to key tasks and initiatives brings a unified fluidity to your team’s efforts, maximizes performance and bottom-line results.

Below is a quick exercise to ensure your business initiatives remain on task.

  • Make a list of a few critical principles or practices that should exist across all verticals.
  • What are some of the diversities that are affecting your objective, “total installation” of those principles or practices in our organization and/or with your clients?
  • What synergies in behavior (performance) among your team and/or your clients must exist to ensure success of the objective?
  • If there are critical synergies that do not currently exist, what is you action plan to address them?

Diversity is a component of success in today’s global business community. Use this exercise to gauge the synergy of your team’s efforts toward sustainable profit and growth.