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Sell Memories and Experience for Your Fullest Revenue Potential

Unlike verticals with tangible products, the attractions industry sells memories and experiences. Though many brands offer guests a variety of options for enhanced experiences, such as express lines or meal packages, few achieve their full revenue potential.
Frontline Quad Graphic
Identifying gaps in your business
Frontline Quad Graphic
Understanding the KPIs that drive profit to your bottom line
Proven results
Setting top-down goals based on proven results
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Training your frontline to deliver max performance, engagement, and customer service

Theme Park Case Study

The Challenge

Our client recognized there was an opportunity to enhance the guest experience, but they did not understand how to accomplish that from a service perspective. While they altered operations and logistics, FPG was challenged with growing frontline sales capabilities.

The Solution

Guest Engagement
Increased guest engagement
Built performance capabilities across the sales organization
Employee Satisfaction
Improved employee satisfaction
Career Paths
Established career paths to retain top talent
Drive Revenue
Produced five additional engagements to drive revenue improvement and employee engagement company-wide
“We tripled performance with nothing but great coaching and reinforcement. Their method is scientifically magical. They do what they say and they create a lot of positive team momentum in doing it.”
Dave Gust, CEO
US Thrill Rides

Our Results

Revenue Improvement
Conversion Rate Improvement
Improvement in First Quarter
Improvement in First Year

What is Your Frontline Revenue Potential?

Use our incremental revenue calculator to see how much extra revenue you can earn while using the IN-Gauge platform.

You could be leaving
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on the table monthly.
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