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FPG Launches Groundbreaking Software to Deliver Real-Time Data and Analytics for Frontline Performance

June 6, 2017

Global consulting firm Frontline Performance Group (FPG) today announced the launch of IN-Gauge, a performance management tool designed to transform the way companies make business decisions.

Some organizations dismiss performance management systems to avoid hours of complex reporting, data tracking, and spreadsheets. IN-Gauge simplifies the process, serving as a one-stop-shop with minimal administrative work. Users can analyze customer and employee behavior, recognize opportunities and identify KPIs—all instantly, without scouring through complex reports and multiple systems.

IN-Gauge delivers advanced technology for all levels of an organization including:

  • Executive: IN-Gauge provides a comprehensive, accurate picture of financial progression through automated sales tracking, reporting and forecasting, with the ability to stratify by country, region, location and team member. This saves valuable time, allowing executives to focus on generating direct returns for their locations.
  • Management: With transparent, reliable insights surrounding each frontline team member, managers can identify top performers, and develop lower performers through personalized training and coaching. This improves communication between managers and their team, thus driving engagement, improving results, and reducing turnover.
  • Frontline: IN-Gauge provides detailed analytics for both individual and team performances. With the ability to track and measure their own performance on a daily basis, frontline associates stay actively engaged and demonstrate continuous momentum as they learn first-hand the best practices for achieving their goals.

By analyzing customer and employee behavior on a day-to-day basis, IN-Gauge automates the sales process and eliminates the guesswork, so leaders no longer view sales as hope, they view them as a certainty. Click here to learn more about IN-Gauge, or email to schedule a demo.

About FPG

FPG is a global change-management partner that transforms connections at the frontline by embedding itself on-site with its clients. The company develops true frontline ambassadors through a proven system of customized consulting, ongoing training, and one-on-one coaching. For more than 20 years, FPG has generated billions in ancillary revenue for its clients in the core industries of travel, hospitality, attractions, contact centers, automotive, insurance, and retail. The company trains frontline staff on how their actions and interactions can exponentially transform the guest experience, and just as importantly, FPG shows them how they can enrich their own lives. By consistently coaching the frontline team and recognizing them appropriately, FPG helps them develop a stronger belief in themselves, in the business they represent, and in the value of the products and services they offer.